2015 My Dream Career Photo Contest

2015 My Dream Career Photo Contest


Enter your photo in the "My Dream Career Photo Contest" for a chance to win!

Grand Prize Winner: $300.00
First Place: $150.00
Second Place: $50.00
Third Place: $25.00

Official Rules:

1. You must be 12 - 25 years old to enter (age subject to verification)

2. Photo must be of "YOU" demonstrating your dream career

3. Please explain what inspired you to choose this career and why you wish to pursue this career in the future in no less that 200 words and no more than 300

4. Complete this form to submit photo entry.

5. Deadline March 12, 2015 - no photos submitted after the deadline will be considered for judging.

Judging Criteria:
•Photo communicates your career clearly
•Image Quality
•Essay is well written and grammatically accurate
•Essay content relevant and directly related to the image you submit

Contact: Tina Pham with Vital Link
tina@vitallinkoc.org or 949-646-2520 if you have any QUESTIONS.